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to the Library News and Happenings page!  I am Mrs. Bender and I am the librarian at Chester East Lincoln.  

We stay busy in the library and I am so thrilled to be able to be expanding the library's news and happenings to our school page! :D  Stay up to date on Book Fair information, author spotlights, and even what I am reading.  Soon we will also be starting a book club...details to come!  
Happy Readings!

CEL's Library Week April 17th-21st!
National Library week was last week (10th-14th) while we were on Spring Break.  Well, here at CEL we know how important our library, our books, our reading, and our librarians are, we decided to continue with Library Week this weeK.  To kick this week off we are having a bookmark contest.  For students  in 2nd-5th grade they have the opportunity to create a bookmark that captures why they love reading, books, or libraries in general.  I will pick my favorite three and with help from Mrs. Monical we will vote on the top winner.  The winning bookmark will be copied and handed out in the library for all students when they check out a book!  During library time grab a blank book mark and tell us why you love reading!
All bookmarks need to be turned into Mrs. Bender by FRIDAY the 21st!

is Mrs. Bender Reading?

2/20/17-3/3/17 One of my favorite authors is R.L. Stine so for 
my next book I wanted to read something from him.  I really enjoy his FEAR STREET series and picked up The Cheater.  Under pressure to perform well on her math exam, Carter Phillips persuades math whiz Adam to take the test for her in exchange for one date, but one date is not enough for the dangerous young man.  More for jr. high level readers.  It is full of suspense and drama!
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2/4/17-2/17/17 Just finished another Rebecca Caudil Award Nominee book How I Became a Ghost by Tim Tingle.  Talk about easy and quick read but full of emotion!  Told in the words of Isaac, a Choctaw boy who does not survive the Trail of Tears, HOW I BECAME A GHOST is a tale of innocence and resilience in the face of tragedy. From the book's opening line, "Maybe you have never read a book written by a ghost before," the reader is put on notice that this is no normal book. Isaac leads a remarkable foursome of Choctaw comrades: a tough-minded teenage girl, a shape-shifting panther boy, a lovable five-year-old ghost who only wants her mom and dad to be happy, and Isaac s talking dog, Jumper. The first in a trilogy, How I Became a Ghost thinly disguises an important and oft-overlooked piece of history. You know I love history!
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1/6/17-2/1/17 Seriously can't get over this one! So one of my all time favorite author of children and adult literature is C.S. Lewis, talk about wise and full of imagination! He wrote the Chronicles of Narnia. I am ashamed to admit that I never read the first of the series (technically it's a prequel to The Lion the, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The Magician's Nephew was the sixth book C.S. Lewis wrote about Narnia. Many readers prefer to begin reading The Chronicles of Narnia with The Magician's Nephew).
When Digory and Polly are tricked by Digory's peculiar Uncle Andrew into becoming part of an experiment, they set off on the adventure of a lifetime. What happens to the children when they touch Uncle Andrew's magic rings is far beyond anything even the old magician could have imagined. Hurtled into the Wood between the Worlds, the children soon find that they can enter many worlds through the mysterious pools there. In one world they encounter the evil Queen Jadis, who wreaks havoc in the streets of London when she is accidentally brought back with them. When they finally manage to pull her out of London, unintentionally taking along Uncle Andrew and a coachman with his horse, they find themselves in what will come to be known as the land of Narnia. If you like fantasy, evil witches, and British dialog you will love this one!

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11/3/16-11/27/16  For November I wanted to read an Illinois Rebecca Caudill book.  Such a great selection for Caudill books this year. I read The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier.  A thicker books that was full of mystery, suspense, secrets, and with an important lesson at the end.  A young girl and her brother are hired to work as house help for a family that has some hidden 'treasures'.  Molly and kip (the brother and sister) work together to figure out the secrets behind their new employer's house and family while also keeping their family together.  To make things worse, something or someone seems to have the house, and the people in it under some kind of spell...
The characters are all heroic in one way or another leaving me, the reader, rooting for them all!  A great read!
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10/31/16  I just finished 
 Heroine of the Titanic: The Real Unsinkable Molly Brown by Elaine Ladnau.  I am a history nut! While organizing the NONFICTION section in the library I stumbled across this book. The Titanic and the people aboard the ship have always fascinated me.  It was full of information about Margret "Molly" Brown and American culture during her life.  Molly Brown was an amazing woman that not everyone liked and she was okay with that.  She was behind many charitable causes, her biggest was helping the women who lost their husbands on the Titanic.  If you love history or the Titanic check it out at the library!
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10/17/16  I finished
The BFG  by Roald Dahl this weekend.  Such a sweet (and at times grotesque) story of a little girl taken from her bed late one night from an orphanage by a giant.  Their relationship started our awkward and confusing but it grows into a amazing friendship.  It is a great story of being different, accepting others for who they are, and standing up for what's right, even when you think you are too little, or too big! You will fall in love with The BFG and maybe even start using some of his interesting words. :) Now I am off to rent the movie!
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9/25/16  I finished reading The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt.  It reminded me a lot of The Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland.   The main character, Penelope is running out of time!  With a mother that scheduled everything and a dad that follows that schedule, Penelope is stuck between doing as her mother wishes but still finding time for what she loves, writin
g. Then one day Penelope discovers a hole in her schedule--an entire day completely unplanned!--and she mysteriously falls into it. What follows is a mesmerizing journey through the Realm of Possibility where Penelope sets out to find and free the Great Moodler, the one person who may have the answers she seeks. Along the way, she must face an army of Clockworkers, battle the evil Chronos, take a daring Flight of Fancy, and save herself from the grip of time.  Penelope meets a lot of friends in this book, my favorite being Dill.  It is definitely a book full of imagination and creativity.

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9/1/16  I just finished reading 
I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai ( with patricia MCormick).  Malala writes about her life as a young girl living in Pakistan during the time when the Taliban started to take control over her region.  Many different rules where put in place that made Malala's everyday life change.  Under the Taliban rule, Malala and her family and friends couldn't listen to music, watch television, or wear certain clothes.  When Malala and her classmates were not allowed to attend school was when her life changed.  The book takes readers on Malala's journey of standing up for education and ultimately changing the world!  A great read and I have a copy in the library.  Check it out!

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